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Have questions? Looking for additional help? Below are many additional Christian Resources to help answer your questions, and provide you with information regarding your salvation through God’s Grace and Mercy. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact me. If a link does not work, please let me know.

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Bible Prophecy Website Ministries

  • The Prophetic Years Bible Prophecy and Revelation Commentary (Don Koenig’s free Revelation commentary)
  • Raptureready (Todd Strandberg and Terry James have the top website on rapture and premillennial end time theology – check out the world famous rapture index)
  • (Terry James is an author and speaker his latest book is “The Nephilim imperatives dark sentences” Terry also wears many other prophecy hats)
  • (for those seeking real world teaching and commentary – Ikvot ha’Mashiach section has excellent prophecy commentaries by Jack Kelly)
  • Bible prophecy In The News (Examining Current Events Through the Lens of the Prophetic Scriptures – The latest news and articles related to the world and prophecy)
  • Rapture Forums (Join in with this interactive community awaiting the return of Christ – Bible prophecy, forums, chat, and some really good unique articles)
  • Prophecy Central (a world of info about Bible prophecy – site offers a free biblically sound ebook of end time eventsThy Kingdom Come Thy Will be Done)
  • Lamb and lion ministries (Dr. David Reagan, Home of “Christ in prophecy” explains end time prophecy and how world current events point to the soon return of Jesus)
  • Prophecy Forum Website Ministries – Biblical Prophecy and Eschatology Studies – (Good commentaries and links that will aid in the study Bible prophecy)
  • Bible Prophecy Today – News and commentary from a biblical perspective – (Current articles from some of the best in Bible Prophecy and many great links)
  • Hal Lindsey (listen to Hal’s TV report. This top Bible prophecy teacher will certainly keep you up to date on world events and Bible prophecy)
  • (Jack Kinsella’s intelligence digest is seldom politically correct but this end time prophecy and discernment ministry shows prophetic intelligence)
  • Prophetic Witness Movement International (comprehensive teaching from several different teachers on premillennial theology and end time Bible prophecy)
  • SW Radio Church (interesting program on end time prophecy, world trends, and apostasy in the church – I do not agree with everything said on the broadcast)

Christian Apologetics and Biblical Discernment Websites and Ministries

  • Olive Tree Ministries (Jan Markell has hundreds of
    articles and a superb radio program on world current events and the church from a biblical prophetic perspective)
  • Forgotten Word Ministries (Rev Bob Wise exposes and explains the error and current apostasy of false preachers, prophets, doctrines and cults)
  • lighthouse Trails Research Project (exposing the dangers of contemplative spirituality – valuable information here even if I do not agree with every single point)
  • Proclaiming the Gospel (Mike Gendron explains biblical truths about and to Roman Catholics – Mike is an evangelist who speaks where invited)
  • Eastern Regional Watch (excellent resource for the best in biblical discernment topics that relate to current events, world trends and current apostasy in the church)
  • Berean Call (Dave Hunt is the most profound biblical discernment author of our time, He writes books on apostasy, apologetics, discernment
    and end time prophecy)
  • Understandthetimes (international Missionary Outreach dedicated to Evangelizing the lost and Equipping the Church for end time biblical discernment)
  • Apprising (Rev Ken Silva’s ministry is apprising cults and heretical church leaders and the apostasy they have introduced into Christianity)
  • Kjos ministries (Berit Kjos simply
    writes the best articles I have read exposing satanic deceptions in the world and church)
  • Critical
    Issues Commentary
    (this excellent discernment
    and teaching ministry grew out of Pastor Bob DeWaay’s passion to equip the saints for the work of ministry)
  • Eric Barger Take A Stand Ministry – Discerning the times in the light of the word (good site for discernment and information on the latest world and church issues)
  • Let Us Reason Ministries (a very comprehensive discernment and apologetics website that exposes modern heretical teachings and teachers)
  • Discernment-ministries Inc.
  • Slice of Laodicea (Ingrid Schlueter has news and commentary about contemporary emerging church trends that are watering down the true gospel)
  • Paul Proctor biblically speaking (a webpage of Paul’s many unpolitically correct articles on issues of biblical discernment and emerging postmodern Christianity)
  • Christian Worldview Network (Your Source For Understanding The Times Through A Christian Worldview – various commentators on church and world issues)
  • Alpha and Omega Ministries I do not agree with some of his Calvinist view points)
  • (a website for seekers of the truth – it provides real answers for those now in “New Age/New Spirituality” or Eastern philosophies)
  • Islam Section (The Rise of Islam, by Richard L. Sawyer – This section on Islam explains all about Allah – Is Allah really the God of creation?)
  • Apologetics index (a comprehensive alphabetical archive for researching information on cults, Christian sects, Christian movements and their leaders)
  • Walter Martin organization (a good counter-cult archive and apologetics ministry carried on by the relatives of the late great Dr. Walter Martin)
  • Answers In Genesis (a very popular
    creation science Christian apologetics website with well known speaker and teacher Ken Ham as well as others)
  • Institute for Creation Research (a creation science website that explains why the theories of evolution and gradualism are junk science and based on modern myths)

Christian News Websites and Ministries That Discern These Prophetic Years

  • WorldNetDaily (Joseph Farah has
    the most popular alternative news website – The site often has conspiratorial articles so use discernment!)
  • (Bill Keller’s TV, Radio and Internet ministry of information, prayer and courage)
  • OneNewsNow (a conservative fast growing and biblically solid Christian news website)
  • Bill Koenig’s – World Watch Daily(good alternative Christian news service with commentaries on world current events, church trends and prophecy)
  • Point of View (Marlin Maddoux with his 2 hour daily “Point of View” radio show explains world current events and trends that oppose Christian values)

Comprehensive Premillennial Christian Teaching Ministries

  • Koinonia House (Chuck Missler is the most thought provoking Christian philosopher and teacher alivemany free audio downloads are available)
  • First Baptist Church Nogales (One of the best churches in the country is now online, check out Dave’s excellent teaching series (site just started so be patient)
  • In (Dr. Charles Stanley for decades has soundly explained Christian theology and has faithfully taught the only true path to salvation)
  • (the wise teaching of Chuck Smith – Smith is the founder of the huge Calvary Chapel movement of churches that teach through the Bible)
  • Grace to You (the uncompromising and comprehensive biblical teaching of John Mac Arthur – He has one of the top long standing teaching ministries in Christianity)
  • amazing teaching website offers comprehensive Christian studies – this ministry is an excellent source for Christian theology and apologetics)
  • Pre-Trib Research Center (Tim Lahaye’s outstanding archive of commentaries from well known teachers of premillennial and pretribulation rapture theology)
  • Twin City (if you cannot find a good church that teaches the Bible in your area you might tune in to the on-line sermons of Pastor Bob DeWaay)
  • The Word 99,7 (A live radio program with great speakers and music from Calvery Chapel Fingerlakes NY)

Thought Provoking Websites

Forums and Blogs for Bible Prophecy and Biblical Discernment

  • World or Church trends and Bible Prophecy (my Blog on latest issues in Bible prophecy and end time Christianity)
  • Demented Delusional or Dumb Club Blog (my Blog with clips from the news and my commentaries that confirms that the world is becoming a increasingly demented place)
  • Rapture Ready message board forums (a very active bulletin board forum with over 10,000 active members. It has many different categories and treads)
  • More Books and Things (you will like this well designed Blog it has information on just about anything going on in Christianity)
  • My Word like Fire (A new discernment blog initially dealing with A.A. and its influence on postmodern Christianity and New Age).
  • End Times Round Table (a bulletin board forum dedicated to discussion of end time events and how they relate to current events of our times)
  • Rapture forums (another very active bulletin board forum discussing many end time subjects)
  • Zolaboard (discussions on many biblical topics)
  • The Omega letter forums (the Omega letter forum discusses top issues in Biblical discernment, Bible prophecy and world and church issues)

Reference Websites

  • audio archive downloads of most well known Christian radio ministries)
  • Blue Letter Bible (written and audio commentaries that explain every verse in the Bible)
  • Online Bible (free off-line Bible search software – there is also a huge archive of free Bibles and Bible commentaries for download)
  • Wesley Center Online (large outstanding selection of ancient non-canonical literature)

Content courtesy of Don Koenig and The Prophetic Years Web Site

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