Vitamin B12


“Dr. Alfred Libby was a medical doctor and substance abuse therapy specialist who worked primarily with heroin addicts – searching for new therapies to improve the detoxification process. He was aware that most addicts were not getting the B-12 they needed through food, but he was extremely reluctant to give them any kind of injection. In the late 1970s, Dr. Libby began to explore an alternative delivery system for vitamin B-12. The goal was to bypass the stomach where this essential nutrient is not easily absorbed.”

“In early spring of 1980, Dr. Libby approached his colleagues with his theory that B-12 could be delivered to the bloodstream sublingually (under the tongue). Biochemists and his medical colleagues were quick to dismiss the idea. However, he was persistent and they eventually decided to give his theory a try, although they were convinced it would fail.”

“Six weeks later the first study was underway. Shortly after, Dr. Libby’s sublingual delivery method was deemed a complete success – blood levels of B-12 increased dramatically. Dr. Libby significantly improved his formula with the addition of B-6 & Folic Acid and was issued a patent in 1984 for his sublingual process.”

“And now, from the experts that brought you the original sublingual B-12 comes TriVita’s sublingual B-12, in a super dose. With the original, patented delivery system, super B provides more B-12 than the average B-12 shot. Studies show that these important nutrients can be measured in the bloodstream in as little as 30 minutes! Plus, it’s the first and only B-12 product to combine both major forms of B-12 with B-6, folic acid and ginseng.”

“Thanks to Dr. Libby’s original, patented delivery system, thousands of people have experienced increased stamina, mental clarity, improved memory and much more”!

The information listed above is from the TriVita® web site (, and the reason I bring this up is because of my wife’s son, who has been told that he may have to continue receiving Vitamin B-12 shots the rest of his life. He’s only 25! YIKES!

Here’s his short story. Eighteen months ago he was in the hospital with what was diagnosed as a bleeding ulcer. The doctors found and repaired the problem, no worries. Fast forward to the present (one month ago) – seventeen months later – his condition returned. This time it was much worse, as he was hospitalized for five days, and was given six units of blood. As the doctors continued to monitor his one month progress, they find out that his blood levels are too low (whatever that means).

That leads us to where I started his story. The doctors feel that he “may need vitamin b12 shot the rest of his life.” So with that said, I suggested TriVita’s patented Sublingual B12. Is it recommended by the doctors? Will it be as effective as a true vitamin b12 shot? I guess only time will tell. If “TriVita’s b12 provides more B-12 than the average B-12 shot” he should be fine, and should be getting enough b12 into his system to discontinue the painful shots.

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