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A Healthy Choice for a Home BusinessA Healthy Choice for a Home Business

TriVita®, A Home Based Business

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I do! And I believe that it’s by God’s design that you are here reading this article today. I believe He’s brought you here, for a reason. And we are here to help you.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that you can work from home, TriVita&reg may be for you. TriVita® is a healthy choice for a home business if you’re goal is to share wellness and make money at the same time. With the issues facing today’s economy, many people are looking for ways to increase their income. If you’re one of those people, I believe TriVita® is the company to help you increase you income.

The business opportunity created by TriVita® is well constructed to favor the little guy or gal. It enables them to create wealth unlike any other home business opportunity around. Even though it takes time, with the proper effort and commitment, anyone can build a successful home business. That’s why this business opportunity deserves your due diligence. It’s the only home business opportunity where priority is placed on customers rather than distributors. Instead of chasing worthless leads that take up your valuable time, you can purchase existing TriVita® customers.

TriVita® has always promoted their products through infomercials, radio spots, and magazine ads. When individuals would purchase a product, through one of these ads, they would become available to the independent TriVita business owners for a small fee. Those customers would then remain in the business owner’s group as long as they are an active member. And every time they purchased another product, the business owner would be paid a commission.

That, what was once called the Media Acquisition Program (MAP), is still in effect today. Although under a new name, many business owner’s are still receiving commissions from their initial customers. Those customers, along with the recently added Premier membership program, and the new “Health and Wellness Gift Card Program”, are just a part of what makes TriVita® uniquely different from all other business opportunities.

The other great feature of this home based business opportunity is, we work together as a team! As part of our team, we are here to help you achieve your goals and dreams. As an independent TriVita® business owner, it isn’t just about you selling products and making some money, but you becoming part of a team. Our team has experienced men and women that will help you every step of the way. Our business opportunity has helped a lot of people just like you to become successful working from home. Working from home and becoming successful is what we are about.

Every single day, TriVita® business owners are enjoying the fruits of owning a business. They are fully aware that whatever they put in, they will receive back — and quite possibly a lot more. There’s no doubt in my mind that we can help you build your own business, and help you fulfill your dreams.

TriVita’s business opportunity solves one of the biggest problems everyone in business faces – acquiring and retaining customers. As an independent business owner, with TriVita®, you will not have that problem.

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To learn more about this highly unique business model go to My TriVita Business Site. If you would like to attend a live on-line meeting please contact me.

Jeffrey Sloe
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Stress and Weight LossStress and Weight Loss

Many of us struggle with stress and weight loss on a daily basis. Their are many reasons we get stressed out, including the aging process, our jobs, our children, weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, and most importantly, our health.

In one of my archived TriVita Wellness Reports, TriVita’s Previous Chief Science Officer, Brazos Minshew, the focus is placed on stress and how it relates to obesity. If your life is filled with stress, Mr. Minshew has some good advice for you. If you’re struggling to lose weight, continue to read. I’ve pulled some key points from of the article.

I know that the person enduring unimaginable stress is more likely to be obese – even morbidly obese. This is a physiological reaction from the immune system and the process of homeostasis (the process that pulls us back together when stress is pulling us apart).

Worry is the stress that pulls us apart. However, worry goes beyond the mental and emotional process that causes distress.

He goes on to explain worry, something that a lot of us face on a daily basis. So what is worry?

Worry is the process of anticipating events or outcomes that are possible but unknown. For example, we are all worried about our health and the health of loved ones. As long as no distressing symptoms occur, our level of worry is minimal. However, a new pain or ache, a lump or bump, a change that is not anticipated sends our “worrier” into overdrive. The recent downturn in the world economy has created fertile soil as a new source of worry.

The process of worry is basically the same whether the concern is large or small, for ourselves or others we care about:

  1. Our senses carry information to us from outside or inside our body. These are our five senses (touch, taste, sound, smell and sight) plus our intuition – the ability to “fill in the blanks” of the unknown based on our experience and intellect.
  2. We project what may happen in the future and assess whether or not we have the resources needed to cope with anticipated outcomes.

Worry is a survival mechanism because it allows us to forecast with some accuracy what resources we may soon need. We do this through our experience and intellect. With a bad experience or two in our history, we may also get into the habit of always predicting bad outcomes. This is called “catastrophic thinking” because we anticipate catastrophes from even normal, everyday events. So, a simple fever is bubonic plague and a skin rash must be Ebola virus!

To prepare for these awful events we may initiate the fight or flight response, releasing copious amounts of adrenaline. Or, based on past failures to cope, we may select an opposite response called learned helplessness, releasing immune-suppressing hormones and chemicals.

Now that we all know what worry is, how is it linked to obesity?

Interestingly, worry has an effect on our appetite and metabolism. For example, when worry triggers the fight or flight stress response, our liver will dump enormous amounts of sugar into our bloodstream. Our pancreas will also secrete huge amounts of insulin into our system to carry that sugar into the muscles to fight-or-flee as a response to the emergency. In chronic worry we simply never get to use all that energy and the hormone cortisol stores it in the fat cells of our abdomen, etc. These fluctuations in metabolism will often create eating binges where we feel we can’t get satisfied no matter how much we eat.

Both fight-or-flight and learned helplessness trigger your body (especially your muscles, your “muscle worry”) to anticipate future energy use. So, the muscles and adipose (fat) tissues store energy as fat and the result is that you gain weight. Stress and worry all by themselves can create obesity – even if you eat a perfect diet!

So, is there anything that we can do to prevent us from gaining weight, as a result of being under tremendous stress?

  • Recognizing the problem is always the first step. This is difficult because we live in a stressful world; there are real dangers requiring fight-or-flight responses. Also, people really do get sick with catastrophic illness, though not so many get bubonic plague or Ebola virus! It would be foolish to ignore danger signals and face real catastrophe. That said, the majority of the things we worry about never happen, do they? Train yourself to appraise situations correctly to reduce stress and worry (see the article “Think Therapy” below). Recognize that stress and worry elicit powerful hormones that need to be discharged. Exercise is the best way to get rid of these pesky hormones. And even three deep breaths can reduce the anxiety you feel when stressed.
  • Nutrition plays a vital role in breaking the stress/worry/obesity connection. First, adaptogens interrupt the cycle of stress and allow us to face our challenges with renewed resources; we will be able to cope with more issues with the greater resources provided by adaptogens. Next, specific nutrients found in some weight loss capsules break the cortisol cycle and discourage our body from storing “worry” in our fat cells!

The day-to-day stresses we face will not end. And for the present, there will always be another world tragedy looming on the horizon, such as an economic downturn. Learn to appraise them without panicking. Build a bulwark against stress with adaptogens. Help break the cycle of cortisol with popular weight loss capsules. Learn and live the 10 Essentials for lifetime wellness!

To back up what was mentioned in the previous article, look at some “health problems related to stress”: 10 Health Problems Related to Stress. Within the previous article, there are also some additional “stress relief” tips that could help.

I’ve always liked the advice, “recognizing the problem is always the first step”, because until we realize we have a problem, we will do nothing about it. Before we can take a step (step number two) in the right direction, we need to know the direction.

Many of us don’t know that we’re overweight. It’s not until we get on the scale, or check our body mass index (BMI) that we realize that we have a weight problem. Once we understand that there is a problem, we can do something about it. As with weight loss, it will not happen until we understand the problem and take the first step to do something about it.

A popular weight loss system has been mentioned as a means to “discourage our body from storing ‘worry’ in our fat cells.” Although that may be true, what does it mean? I’ve also heard that the aforementioned weight loss system may be one of the easiest systems to follow.

If you’re looking to lose weight, relieve stress, and live a healthier lifestyle, take the first step. To learn more about TriVita®, or the popular weight loss system, click on one of the previous links.

Jeffrey Sloe
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The above information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

Omega-3 EFAsOmega-3 EFAs

I’ve been researching omega-3 essential fatty acids (Omega-3 EFAs) for a few years now. It amazes me how attention this all natural nutrient continues to receive. And, may I add that everything I’ve read, including the article posted below, is nothing short of good news.

From one of my previous article, I’ve reported that “most of us have heard about how fats are bad for us; however, this isn’t always the case. Some fats are very good for our ongoing well being. Two of these fats are Omega-3 and Omega-6. Not only are they good for us, they’re actually indispensable, which is why they are also called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).”

I’ve also mentioned that omega-3 fatty acids “are essential to human health but cannot be manufactured by the body.” And, I’ve concluded that if you’re not a fish eater, the best source of EFAs, then you may need to be taking a daily omega-3 supplement, such as the one developed by TriVita®.

Omega-3 is “one of the best nutrients to reduce runaway inflammation. This may be new to you, but runaway inflammation can lead to various serious health problems in the body involving the heart, arteries, lungs, joints and more.”

Now in a recent study, by products of omega-3 has been proven to reduce pain, caused by inflammation, in laboratory mice. In the article I’ve posted below, omega-3 is also safer than any NSAID on the market. If you’re still skeptical, please read the entire article entitled, Pain May be Relieved by Omega-3 Byproducts, which was written by Craig Weatherby.

Pain May be Relieved by Omega-3 Byproducts – Study in mice suggests that omega-3s from fish could ease pain … and form the basis of a safer new class of potent analgesic drugs
by Craig Weatherby of Vital Choice

Non-prescription analgesic drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen make life more bearable for millions of people suffering from all sorts of pain.

But these so-called “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” – NSAIDs for short – come with serious side effects that kill or injure thousands of Americans every year.

Estimates of the annual deaths in the United States attributable to NSAIDs vary from 3,200 to higher than 16,500 (Cryer B 2005; Lanas A et al. 2005).

And among elderly Americans alone, there are an estimated 41,000 hospitalizations related to NSAIDs each year (Griffin MR 1998).

Current NSAIDs alleviate pain and inflammation by blocking the action of one or both of two cyclooxygenase (COX) type enzymes … either the COX-1 enzyme and/or the COX-2 enzyme, depending on the drug.

The COX-1 enzyme promotes inflammation, but drugs – such as aspirin, ibuprofen (e.g., Advil), and naproxen (e.g., Aleve) that block it can produce gastric bleeding, duodenal ulcers, kidney problems, and cardiovascular complications.

Scientists developed COX-2 drugs such as Celebrex and Vioxx to get around the adverse gastric effects of COX-1 drugs … but it turned out that they, too, can cause gastric injury.

And sharp increases in cardiovascular complications led to withdrawal of Vioxx from the market in 2004.

Clearly, it behooves the medical community to find alternative analgesics that do not work in the same way.

We’ve reported on the recent discovery that when we metabolize omega-3s from fish – especially DHA – they yield critical anti-inflammatory compounds called resolvins.

Now, the analgesic potential of omega-3-derived resolvins has gained significant support in a mouse study from the Pain Research Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital … a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Mouse study yields encouraging findings on an omega-3 fat’s analgesic potential

A research team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital reports that resolvins that the body produces from the two key omega-3s in fish fat and human cells – DHA and EPA – may serve as a new class of painkillers for treating inflammatory pain (Xu ZZ et al. 2010).

The Boston-based group believes that resolvins reduce pain both by damping inflammation and by acting in the spinal cord to prevent and reverse chronic pain.

Inflammatory pain, such as arthritic and post-operative pain, is triggered by tissue injury, leading to the release of compounds that increase inflammation and also act within the spinal cord to promote persistent pain.

The researchers found that two resolvins – RvE1 (derived from EPA) and RvD1 (derived from DHA) – reduced inflammatory pain symptoms in mice.

The results showed that RvE1 was 10,000 times more potent at alleviating pain than omega-3 EPA itself, which suggests that resolvins should be targets for drug development.

Confirming the mechanism by which omega-3s can relieve pain indirectly, an artificial compound called Chemerin – which binds to the same cell receptor as RvE1 and RvD1 – also significantly reduced pain symptoms.

Aside from its proven anti-inflammatory effects, they also found that RvE1 acts in the spinal cord to prevent the persistent activation of nerve cells that underlies chronic pain.

Importantly – and unlike powerful analgesic opiate-class drugs like codeine or oxycontin – the analgesic effects of the omega-3-derived resolvins did not alter the animals’ normal sensitivity to pain.

We hope that findings like these will lead to a new class of analgesic drugs that are much safer but just as effective as NSAIDs.

The study was funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health.


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*** End of Article ***

If you believe that omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce pain caused by inflammation, taking Omega-3 fatty acids may be the right supplement for you. Some omega-3 supplements contain a premier and unique blend of four different types of the most highly regarded Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) oils – Fish, Flaxseed, Evening Primrose and Perilla Seed. Many also use only contaminant-free fish oil that has undergone a 10 stage distilling process.

Many Omega-3 fatty acid supplements meet the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines. One daily dose of ususlly provides the amount of Omega-3 recommended by the AHA for healthy individuals, as well as for those who have heart disease or the risk of it.

If you would like additional information on Omega-3 Supplements or many other nutritional products, you can go to My TriVita Business Site to learn more. TriVita® ensures that you get the safest, freshest, and most effective products available on the market today. Each product is made under the strictest quality controls in the nutritional supplement industry.

Jeffrey Sloe
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TriVita Home Business – a Healthy ChoiceTriVita Home Business – a Healthy Choice

Many “Work at Home” entrepreneurs are faced with a seemingly very difficult uphill battle. Why? Because there are so many cut-throat competitors, along with increasing advertising costs, and the average customer/distributor retention rate that has dropped down to an average of less than 3 months.

To successfully generate a full-time income, or even a residual income, from home, through a network marketing business model in the Internet age, can be like trying to fill a bucket that is full of holes. Trying to find the “perfect” networker, the one that understands the business, can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Most distributors (I’ve heard around 90%) are spending way more money than they’ll ever make. OUCH! I believe the reason this happens is because of the outrageous claims many network marketers make about making a six-figure income, in a very short period of time, and without doing any work.

As people join a home based business opportunity, one made of those ridiculous promises, they get fed up and quit. The ones that do stick it out for a slightly longer period do so because they realize they have spent their hard earned money and would like to get some sort of return on their investment. However, they typically wind up quitting anyway because they found that no one is building their work at home business for them. And it takes a lot more time and effort than they were initially told.

Building a successful work at home business does take time and it does take hard work. But, it can be very rewarding if you just stick with it. I remember reading this one quote when I first got started in my network marketing business; “Never Give Up!” There is a lot of wisdom in that statement. If I would have given up years ago, I probably would not be writing this article today. And I would probably be saying, “what if.” However, today it’s a little different, because now I can say, “What if… I would have quit?”

I don’t know of any work at home professional that like the high attrition rate in this industry. That’s why I have fond a way to combat it, with customers. You see customers are the life-blood of any business, not just one you work from home. Customers, people spending money on products or services, are the people that keep your business going in the long term, not independent reps, or distributors. Yes, I know there is an attrition factor with customers, but it’s not has high as it is with work at home wannabe’s (distributors).

TriVita's official logoSo, it you’re tired of dealing with downline attrition and small commission checks, you need to build a business based on a large customer base, NOT a large distributor base. There is one company that follows that business model, TriVita®. Yes, TriVita® is the only work at home business you will find on Google that is built on customers, not distributors. Our business building group knows this first hand, and we have several individuals that are working full-time from home. Why? Because they have a strong customer base, people who are buying TriVita® products.

More and more work at home business owners are turning away from the traditional “MLM” business model, in favor of an increasingly popular “customer based” TriVita® business. If you’d like to learn more about a TriVita® home business, a healthy choice, give me a call, or visit our “Home Business” web site.

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