Supplements and Beverages for Runners

Everyday, no matter where I’m going, I always see a number of runners. They’re all ages, sexes and sizes; many are keeping pace as they are running in groups, and some are just running alone. Running can be a great way to stay in shape, and it’s one means that I use. Running burns up calories so it’s very important to stay properly fueled and hydrated. That’s why I drink plenty of water and take daily supplements.

University Hospital, located in North-eastern Ohio, happens to be where my family doctor is located, so I receive their monthly newsletter. Many of the articles quote doctors and/or reference articles written by a doctor. I found this article on the UH website recommending the top 5 supplements and beverages for runners.

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Being a runner means properly fueling yourself. Follow these tips to help you stayed fueled before and after your run.

Top 5 Supplements for Runners

  1. Calcium sources. Calcium helps strengthen bones so you can avoid the risk of stress fractures. It also plays a key role in muscle and nerve function.
  2. Fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of exercise-induced asthma as well as alleviate overall muscle soreness.
  3. Iron. The higher the intake of iron, the more readily available hemoglobin is to carry oxygen to the muscles.
  4. Vitamin D. This is crucial in aiding the uptake of calcium, providing bone strength.
  5. Whey protein. This is an excellent source of all of the amino acids you need to build lean body mass. The benefit of whey over other protein sources is its ability to be absorbed quickly, so it’s good for post-run and for other workouts.

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Being an Independent TriVita Business Owner (ITBO), I know personally how many of these supplements help my body stay fueled, as it’s been part of my regiment for quite some time. I’m a loyal user of nutritional supplements, and I’ve been taking nutritional supplements my entire “adult” life. Yes, I started way back in my early adulthood, and have continued to take supplements daily ever since.

I have studied the differences between manufacturers and have found the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to supplements. It’s not like I just started last week, nor is it like this is the only company I have purchased from. So I do have a track record!

Being an avid user, I’ve come to find out that not all supplements are the same. That’s why I have switched to TriVita, and have become an ITBO. Currently, I take TriVita’s VitaDaily as my multi-vitamin, Omega3 Prime for fatty acids, and Essential D for vitamin D. I have also included Vitamin B12 to keep my energy level up.

I know how these products have helped me keep my body in good working order, and that’s why TriVita will continue to be my number one source for supplements. If you’d like to receive a FREE $50 Gift Card to get started on your health and wellness journey, click on the previous link.

I plan on keeping my body fueled and running at a high level as long as possible. I give God all the Glory for bringing a company like TriVita into the marketplace, and UH for providing important health information.

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