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A Healthy Choice for a Home BusinessA Healthy Choice for a Home Business

TriVita®, A Home Based Business

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I do! And I believe that it’s by God’s design that you are here reading this article today. I believe He’s brought you here, for a reason. And we are here to help you.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that you can work from home, TriVita&reg may be for you. TriVita® is a healthy choice for a home business if you’re goal is to share wellness and make money at the same time. With the issues facing today’s economy, many people are looking for ways to increase their income. If you’re one of those people, I believe TriVita® is the company to help you increase you income.

The business opportunity created by TriVita® is well constructed to favor the little guy or gal. It enables them to create wealth unlike any other home business opportunity around. Even though it takes time, with the proper effort and commitment, anyone can build a successful home business. That’s why this business opportunity deserves your due diligence. It’s the only home business opportunity where priority is placed on customers rather than distributors. Instead of chasing worthless leads that take up your valuable time, you can purchase existing TriVita® customers.

TriVita® has always promoted their products through infomercials, radio spots, and magazine ads. When individuals would purchase a product, through one of these ads, they would become available to the independent TriVita business owners for a small fee. Those customers would then remain in the business owner’s group as long as they are an active member. And every time they purchased another product, the business owner would be paid a commission.

That, what was once called the Media Acquisition Program (MAP), is still in effect today. Although under a new name, many business owner’s are still receiving commissions from their initial customers. Those customers, along with the recently added Premier membership program, and the new “Health and Wellness Gift Card Program”, are just a part of what makes TriVita® uniquely different from all other business opportunities.

The other great feature of this home based business opportunity is, we work together as a team! As part of our team, we are here to help you achieve your goals and dreams. As an independent TriVita® business owner, it isn’t just about you selling products and making some money, but you becoming part of a team. Our team has experienced men and women that will help you every step of the way. Our business opportunity has helped a lot of people just like you to become successful working from home. Working from home and becoming successful is what we are about.

Every single day, TriVita® business owners are enjoying the fruits of owning a business. They are fully aware that whatever they put in, they will receive back — and quite possibly a lot more. There’s no doubt in my mind that we can help you build your own business, and help you fulfill your dreams.

TriVita’s business opportunity solves one of the biggest problems everyone in business faces – acquiring and retaining customers. As an independent business owner, with TriVita®, you will not have that problem.

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To learn more about this highly unique business model go to My TriVita Business Site. If you would like to attend a live on-line meeting please contact me.

Jeffrey Sloe
Independent Trivita Business Owner, 12871028
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TriVita Home Business – a Healthy ChoiceTriVita Home Business – a Healthy Choice

Many “Work at Home” entrepreneurs are faced with a seemingly very difficult uphill battle. Why? Because there are so many cut-throat competitors, along with increasing advertising costs, and the average customer/distributor retention rate that has dropped down to an average of less than 3 months.

To successfully generate a full-time income, or even a residual income, from home, through a network marketing business model in the Internet age, can be like trying to fill a bucket that is full of holes. Trying to find the “perfect” networker, the one that understands the business, can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Most distributors (I’ve heard around 90%) are spending way more money than they’ll ever make. OUCH! I believe the reason this happens is because of the outrageous claims many network marketers make about making a six-figure income, in a very short period of time, and without doing any work.

As people join a home based business opportunity, one made of those ridiculous promises, they get fed up and quit. The ones that do stick it out for a slightly longer period do so because they realize they have spent their hard earned money and would like to get some sort of return on their investment. However, they typically wind up quitting anyway because they found that no one is building their work at home business for them. And it takes a lot more time and effort than they were initially told.

Building a successful work at home business does take time and it does take hard work. But, it can be very rewarding if you just stick with it. I remember reading this one quote when I first got started in my network marketing business; “Never Give Up!” There is a lot of wisdom in that statement. If I would have given up years ago, I probably would not be writing this article today. And I would probably be saying, “what if.” However, today it’s a little different, because now I can say, “What if… I would have quit?”

I don’t know of any work at home professional that like the high attrition rate in this industry. That’s why I have fond a way to combat it, with customers. You see customers are the life-blood of any business, not just one you work from home. Customers, people spending money on products or services, are the people that keep your business going in the long term, not independent reps, or distributors. Yes, I know there is an attrition factor with customers, but it’s not has high as it is with work at home wannabe’s (distributors).

TriVita's official logoSo, it you’re tired of dealing with downline attrition and small commission checks, you need to build a business based on a large customer base, NOT a large distributor base. There is one company that follows that business model, TriVita®. Yes, TriVita® is the only work at home business you will find on Google that is built on customers, not distributors. Our business building group knows this first hand, and we have several individuals that are working full-time from home. Why? Because they have a strong customer base, people who are buying TriVita® products.

More and more work at home business owners are turning away from the traditional “MLM” business model, in favor of an increasingly popular “customer based” TriVita® business. If you’d like to learn more about a TriVita® home business, a healthy choice, give me a call, or visit our “Home Business” web site.

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Jeffrey Sloe
Independent TriVita® Business Owner, 12871028

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Listening to Become SuccessfulListening to Become Successful

Why do most work at home businesses fail? Is it a lack of will power or desire? Is it a lack of knowledge of “business” or just the business that you’re involved with? What about a burning desire to succeed, or the willingness to be coached? Do any of the items listed above have anything to do with the high rate of work at home failures?

I believe all of the items listed above can be the downfall of any home business. However, the one factor I believe that caused the most failures in home based businesses is the failure to listen. Yes, you read that correctly, the failure to listen. You see the majority of people love to talk. They talk about themselves; they talk about their family; they talk about their business; they talk abut their products; and they talk about just about everything else that involves themselves.

In all actuality, what these people are doing is selling. What are they selling? They are selling themselves, their business, and their products. And you know what? Most people hate to be sold! People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. So, if you want to become successful with your work at home business, ask questions and listen.

There is a lot of wisdom in the previous paragraph, because very few people ask questions and then stop to listen to the other person’s answer. However, if you find a successful home business entrepreneur I can almost guarantee you that that person is very good listener.

I received an email a while back, one that I kept in my archives. I’d like to share it with you because I think it makes a lot of sense, and goes straight to the point.

Will You Stop Talking Long Enough To Listen?

Have you ever been in the instance where you simply could not wait to blurt out what you wanted to say?

Have you ever wished you had said what you had said?

How many times have you gotten into an argument with someone, when neither person was listening to the other person?

Have you ever been in a discussion with someone, only to discover a little later, that both of you were actually saying the same thing?

“Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so”

There is a big difference between hearing and listening

Listening involves 3 processes:

  1. Interpret: This is where you begin to take in the information and assess it. As you hear the information you begin to make judgments on what you hear. You begin to either agree or disagree on the information.
  2. Evaluate: This is when you begin to determine what you will do with the information. Is it useful or not useful? How will you find the information if you find it useful?
  3. React: This is where you have actually evaluated the information, and you have made a full determination of what you think about it. This is the most challenging of the 3 processes; because it is so much better to respond than to react.

There are 4 basic types of communication which people have:

  1. Phatic: This is the “getting to know you” or the “building of relationships” kind of talk.
  2. Cathartic: This is the release of “pent-up emotion” kind of talking. This is the spilling of
    emotional information, troubles, concerns, etc.
  3. Informative: This is the sharing of information, ideas, or data.
  4. Persuasive: This is used to reinforce information or ideas, or to change attitudes to produce a specific action.

“Our listening habits are not the result of training, but rather the lack of it”
Studies have shown that we spend about 45% of our waking hours listening.

It is interesting that we spend almost half of each day listening, yet it is one
of the least taught communication skills.
Tests have shown that immediately after hearing a 10-minute lecture, which was properly heard and understood:

  • Only one half of the information was retained
  • After 48 hours, only 25% is retained

This means that of all things listened to, only 25% will be understood and retained for any real time period.

Good listening habits can be taught, yet they seldom are.

Learn how to listen, and your life will take on great new meaning.

That email, courtesy of the fine folks at Help End Hunger Now, is great for any line of business. If you deal with people on a daily basis you need to know when to talk, when to ask questions, and when to listen. If you do not now how to listen, learn! Yes, you can learn how to listen, and I believe it is necessary to succeed in any business, especially a work at home business. Why? I mentioned it before: “Most people hate to be sold!” On the other hand, most people love to buy.

If your home business can get a person out of debt, or can make a person some extra money so they can purchase that new car or home, they will buy into your business. However, do not try to sell them, but rather ask the right questions, and then listen to their answers. When they give you their answer, ask another question, and once again, listen to their answer.

Listening to become successful may take some time to get used to, just like any new behavior. However, if you are persistent and you learn the skill of listening, your chances of becoming successful with your work at home business will greatly increase. If you learn the skill of listening together with asking the right questions, I believe you will be successful.

If you’re looking to start a health and wellness home business, please contact me.

Jeffrey Sloe
Independent TriVita Business Owner, 12871028
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Food Prices on the RiseFood Prices on the Rise

Is it just me, or are food prices on the rise, and getting a little out of hand? How about you, have you noticed any increase in the cost of food lately?

In an effort to get a handle on this, I decided to do a little research. However, I must admit, this wasn’t something I thought about too much until I saw my friend’s emergency foods web site. I have seen prices go up little by little, but I never actually realized how much those small increments can add up. Have you?

I’ve been seeing, and reading, more and more articles (maybe I’m just a little more attentive now) about food prices. I mentioned one yesterday by the World Bank that said the prices are at “dangerous levels.” Today, I read an article posted on titled, Experts: No Limit for Soaring Food Prices.

According to that article, “Food prices rose 3.9 percent last month, the most since November 1974. Most of the increase was because harsh winter freezes in Florida, Texas and other Southern states, which damaged crops.”[1] This past winter is just another unforeseen disaster, like tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes that can cause the price of food to rise. It’s also the reason why we should have an emergency food supply.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have enough food in your house to last more than a week. What’s in your pantry and cupboards? Do you have enough food to feed your family if a disaster hits, or if you loose your job? What if the food prices get too high and you can’t afford quality nutritious food, what will you do?

Back in November 2010, Glenn Beck, while talking about the U.S. economic problems, said “food prices will rise 700% to 1000% or more in 2011.”[2] Is that the truth? Are we headed in that direction? Well, all you have to do is visit your local supermarket to see how much prices have gone up since last November. If you don’t remember what the cost of milk was back then, how about last month?

Whether you believe what Mr. Beck says or not, we are headed in the wrong direction when it comes to food prices, gasoline prices, and the unemployment rate. When unemployment hits, or gas prices get too high, you can still survive. But how long can you survive without food? I submit to you that food is the most important commodity you need. How’s your emergency food supply?

I’ve been to the store, and I’ve seen the prices go up. I believe we are headed for some tough time in the next few years. I believe that people will be begging for food. And I believe the store shelves will start to become less populated.

I’m not a prophet, or nay-sayer. However, to do believe what I was taught when I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America, and that would be the scout motto, “Be Prepared.” We cannot predict what lies ahead, but we can be prepared. Preparedness can even start with watching and tracking food prices. I believe that you will see a significant change, and maybe it will be that change that will get you to take action.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, maybe it’s time to look into ways of making some extra money. I’ve found 2 companies that off great compensation plans, with great product lines, that may help you earn that extra cash. If you’d like to learn more how you can fight the high food costs, please contact me, or click on one of the links below to learn more.

Christian Home Based Business
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Home Based BusinessHome Based Business

From time to time people ask me what I do. Taking the low road, I usually say I’m a web designer and SEO specialist, even tough I love my TriVita® business. So why would I not tell them about TriVita®, and that I’m in a network marketing business? Like so many of us, I believe it’s the fear of rejection. The fear of loosing a friend, or being accused of working some kind of a pyramid scheme. Whatever the case, bugging my friends to join me in business has never been a passion of mine.

So many individuals that have a home based business bug their friends to death about joining them. I’ve seen plenty of relationships destroyed over network marketing, and I’m not about to join that group. However, after reading an article on Google, I may have to change my mind. Below is an excerpt of the article, which can be read in its entirety by going to,

…How refreshing!

It took almost 50 years, but there actually is 1 Network Marketing business (well, Trivita is actually called “Cooperative Marketing”) that has FINALLY figured it out!

ALL of the problems people have ever had with network marketing – MLM absolutely do NOT exist here!

You know… SIMPLE things like “where do I find a constant source of people hungry for the products?” -or- “I don’t like talking to friends & family about my businesses” -or- “” can’t figure out how to recruit anyone… or don’t like recruiting period” -or- “I don’t want to stock products at home” -or- “I never see long term residual income because 95% of my downline quits every year” -or- … (fill in the blank with what you hate most about MLM)

With Trivita®, you can build a consistent, reliable & huge RESIDUAL income entirely from home WITHOUT having to bug friends and family or have any sales or marketing skills whatsoever.

Not only is this a legitimate, highly profitable home based Internet business, but it is now my #1 recommended business opportunity… and the ONLY network marketing business that I currently recommend… and will probably EVER recommend!

WOW!!! That’s some statement regarding TriVita®, wouldn’t you agree? I would have to say that TriVita has figured out the network marketing industry. They have created a home based business model that cannot be beat. It’s the only home based business opportunity where you don’t have to bug your family and friends. However, you can if you really want to show someone how to create a genuine home business, and create long term residual income.

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I’ve been working this business for just over two years, and all it has done is continue to grow. And I have one gentleman in my upline that stopped working the business for 7-8 months, and came back to see that the business has grown “exponentially.” I don’t think you can say that about many other network marketing businesses, or any at all. I know someone else’s results may vary, but that’s what a home based business is all about!

If you’d like to learn more about TriVita, contact me. I’d love to share this terrific opportunity with you.

Jeffrey Sloe
Independent TriVita Business Owner, 12871028

Help me Share Health and Wellness with the World!

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