Vitamin D and Calcium


We have probably heard a thousand times that calcium builds strong bones. If you’re like me, your mother probably told you to drink your milk. The reason; because you need it to build strong bones. Whether you believe it or not, that was, more than likely, the ulterior motive behind getting you to drink your milk.

I always drank my milk, and continue to do so, no matter what the motive because I know how important vitamins and minerals are to staying healthy. That’s why, even to this day, I take daily vitamin supplements to make sure I get the necessary vitamins and minerals that will keep me on a healthier course as I continue to age. Included in those supplements are, of course, vitamin d and calcium, two bone building and strengthening nutrients.

As a mater of fact, a recent study says that “taking both calcium and vitamin D supplements on a daily basis reduces the risk of bone fractures, regardless of whether a person is young or old, male or female, or has had fractures in the past, a large study of nearly 70,000 patients from throughout the United States and Europe has found.”[1]

Aging has a way of affecting the bones in our body, which leads to what is called bone density loss. Bones, a “living tissue like other tissues and organs”[2], are subject to calcium depletion during the aging process. The depletion of calcium leads to lower bone mass, which in turn, leads to increased susceptibility of fractures.

“Normal calcium intake and exposure to Vitamin D often create healthy bone tissue until people peak at age 30. Then, people begin to lose bone density; by age 50, it can become problematic. Osteoporosis – a term used to describe the loss of normal bone matrix – is common and is estimated to afflict approximately 40 million Americans.”[2]

Many people think that vitamin d and calcium are only needed for aging women. However, according to the study, the “combination of supplements (vitamin d and calcium) benefits both women and men of all ages, which is not something we (the scientists) fully expected to find.”[1]

As you can see, aging is the great equalizer. Aging does not happen to women only; it happens to both men and women! Loss of bone mass, due to the aging process does not happen to women only; it happens to men also. Even though a greater percentage of women are affected by the loss of bone density, men and women alike need to monitor their bone density. In so doing, it’s also smart to adhere to a daily supplement of vitamin d and calcium.

Everyone of us is getting older, and everyone’s body ages differently. However, as the study revealed, there is a “growing consensus that combined calcium and vitamin D is more effective than vitamin D alone in reducing a variety of fractures.”[1]

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