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I know many of you have been trying to lose weight ever since your new year’s resolution, and if you’re like most people, it’s been a struggle. Why is it that losing weight is so hard? Why do so many people struggle with their weight? Well, it may be that you are not receiving the proper information, thus you are not educated enough on the “mechanics of weight loss.”

There are certain things you need to know about your body and what it takes to lose weight. It’s quite possible that this is what you’ve been missing. And, who better to explain weight loss than TriVita’s Chief Science Officer, Brazos Minshew. I’ve posted his latest Wellness Report article below.

Tools for Summertime Weight Loss
by Brazos Minshew

Nearly half of all people in North America make a resolution at the beginning of the year to lose weight. The next most common time for embarking on a weight-loss program is in the summertime: the “swimsuit season.” So now is the perfect time for an encouraging article on how to reach your weight-loss goals.

Unfortunately, being overweight is not simply an ornamental problem; it’s not simply about how we look. It is about how well we are. It’s about how much energy we have for the people we love, and how much vitality we have for the commitments we make. It’s about how successful or unsuccessful we will be at reaching our goals and living a life of purpose and meaning. It’s that serious.

Mechanics of weight loss

Let’s review several steps for weight loss that we have gathered from expert sources:

1. Find your Ideal Body Weight range using the Body Mass Index chart below.

2. Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) using the calculator below. This is the amount of energy you burn at rest. Reduce your daily calorie intake to match this number.

3. Decide how much weight you want to lose each week. Please understand, weight loss of more than 2 pounds per week is unrealistic and probably dangerous. Your goal is to lose fat; rapid weight loss usually comes from water (which you need), muscle (which you need) and bone (yes, you need that too!).

4. Get started: Reduce your caloric intake to match your BMR and increase your activity to burn 1/2 to 2 pounds of fat per week.

  • Always eat breakfast.
  • Never eat within 2 hours of bedtime.
  • Morning exercise is better than evening exercise, but both are good.
  • Never consume more than 400 calories in an hour.
  • Eat according to an organized plan. For example, The South Beach Diet, Eat More – Weigh Less by Dean Ornish, The Sonoma Diet (my favorite Mediterranean diet plan), etc.
  • Do both aerobic and resistance exercises most days of the week to meet your fat loss goals.

Remember, your sense of purpose will dictate your actions step by step!

Speed bumps

Somewhere along the way you are going to experience discouragement, disappointment or despondency. It may be when you hit a weight loss plateau. It may be when you see others doing what you used to do and the old habits pull at your heart. It may be when those inner voices – I call them my “counsel of critics” – start to tell you lies about failure and success. What do you do when you hit a speed bump?

The answer to this question does not lie in the “how – when – what” of weight loss. The answer lies in the “why.” Your personal “why” gives you energy. It inspires you, motivates you and drives you to complete your journey.

Supplements for weight loss

Some supplements are also an important part of weight loss. In many people they represent the critical difference between success and failure in lifetime weight control. However, you must always remember that they are supplements; they supplement a diet and exercise program. Use them wisely as an important part of your total wellness program.

Remember to let your desire fuel your action; let your actions harmonize with your sense of purpose. Simply be resolved to live a life of purpose and you will have the energy to get beyond the speed bumps. ** END of ARTICLE **

Ok, now that you have a better understanding of the “mechanics of weight loss”, what are you going to do about it? Are you struggling with your weight? Are you looking to shed a few pounds so you can finally look good in your swimsuit? Well then, it’s time to take action! Mr. Minshew has laid the foundation, but it’s up to you to get started. No one can do it for you. Weight loss is personal, and until you take the necessary action to finally loss weight, nothing’s going to happen. So, let’s get started!

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