New Vitamin Supplement


There’s a new multi-nutrient complex daily vitamin supplement that’s more powerful than you average nutritional supplement. Read the following article to learn more about this new vitamin supplement.

According to TriVita’s Chief Science Officer, “We need a multiple nutrient supplement every day to serve as a foundation for health and to combat the nutrient demands of a stressful life.” And that’s exactly why TriVita has created this new and more powerful nutritional supplement.

Below is information on Wellavohâ„¢, the new super-nutritional supplement. The information is provided by TriVita’s weekly health and wellness report.

How Nutrients Help Relieve Stress
Stress is defined as change that is seen by your body or mind as a threat – large or small, imaginary or real – or a change in your environment that triggers a rapid use of your reserves. Stress creates a demand on your resources. Soon, these resources become exhausted and you get sick.

Distress can come from your environment, your body or your mind. Rather than being just a single event, stress accumulates over time from all three sources. It strangles the joy and pleasure from your days and nights. It makes you miserable, and then it makes you sick. Once you are sick, stress keeps you from responding as well to medical care. Yes, stress is a killer!

Nutrients to the rescue
The opposite of stress is homeostasis. So, while stress is constantly trying to pull you apart, homeostasis is constantly working to put you back together. Homeostasis is the priority process your body uses to combat stress.

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are essential for homeostasis. If we have the nutrients we need at the moment we need them, we will thrive! Conversely, if we do not have the proper nutrient base in our system every day we will suffer loss of energy, poor mental performance and an increased risk for disease.

The word supplement means an addition to something to make up for a deficiency. All supplements are an important addition to a healthy diet. They make up for the deficiency we face because of poor nutrient density in our foods. They also help out when we miss the mark of diet perfection.

Supplements are no substitute for good dietary choices. We simply must commit ourselves to eating a healthy diet. As you review your food choices for the past week, ask yourself, “Did I eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables every day?”

  • 5 servings for children
  • 7 servings for women
  • 9 servings for men

If you can say “yes” – congratulations! If you are like most people you did not reach that goal. And, if you are like most of us, you did not eat all of your fruits and vegetables from an organic source; so, the fruits and vegetables may have been of low nutrient value.

We need a multiple nutrient supplement every day to serve as a foundation for health and to combat the nutrient demands of a stressful life.

A new supplement
Staying on top of our nutrient reserve is important. Our body makes millions of new cells every day – heart cells, brain cells, bone and blood cells. Stress kills millions of vulnerable cells every day. Every time a cell dies it should be replaced. If you do not have the right amount of nutrients to construct a new cell, you will either make an incomplete cell or none at all. The outcome is bad in either case; so, we really need to keep all nutrients on board at all times. This is why we created Sonoran Bloomâ„¢ Wellavohâ„¢ (wel-lah voh), a new multi-nutrient complex for men and women.

The destructive forces of stress come from inside and outside your body. The nutrient complexes of Wellavoh can help you build a bulwark against stress as it tries to pull you apart. Wellavoh supports homeostasis as the innate wisdom of your body tries to keep you functioning at your peak.

One more reason…
Perhaps an even more important reason exists for maintaining a robust supply of nutrients in our system daily. According to a recent report, chemical switches on our DNA are activated by nutrients. If a single nutrient is missing at the critical moment it is needed, one of these chemical switches will fail. This results in a change in our DNA that promotes disease – for up to three generations of our children! So, it is vital that we and our children have our nutrients available every day to reduce the impact of stress while promoting vitality today, health tomorrow and a solid wellness foundation for generations to come!

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