An Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle


It has been stated by reliable sources that just about every person living has or will experience inflammation at one time or another. Stats are available from many different web sites to back up this fact. So is it possible to live a life without suffering from the pain associated with inflammation?

I guess you would have to break down inflammation into two categories, good and bad inflammation to find the answer. Since, according to scientists and medical personnel, good inflammation is necessary. However, it’s my understanding that it’s the bad inflammation that causes all of the pain and suffering.

And who better to answer the question about inflammation and how you can live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, but Brazos Minshew, Chief Science Officer for TriVita.

How To Lead An Anti–Inflammatory Lifestyle

Wellness is created in the way our immune system interacts with our environment – based on our genetics and modified by our behavior or lifestyle. Illness is really a disharmony produced by injury, toxins from inside or outside our body, deficiencies in vital elements like air, water, sleep and nutrients and emotional distress.

Sometimes we ask the wrong questions when we start to experience disharmony in our body. In effect, we ask, “What makes sick people sick?” As pertinent as that question is to a sick person, it is usually more productive to ask, “What keeps healthy people well – and how can I be one of them?”

Good inflammation?

Can inflammation really be good for you? Yes! For example, your body temperature is 98.6 F/37 C. We are able to maintain that warmth because of controlled, focused, balanced inflammation. We call this type of inflammation metabolism.

Our immune system also functions through focused inflammation. For example, “bad” bacteria are neutralized by inflammation from macrophages: critical elements of our immune system.

Bad inflammation
Four imbalances create disharmony in our immune system. They are:

  • Trauma or injury – Injured tissues first respond with beneficial inflammation. But if the inflammation becomes chronic, it will limit circulation by blood and lymph. Poor circulation allows waste created by the cells to accumulate, eventually becoming a toxic cesspool which can be the target for infection and disease.
  • Toxins from inside or outside of your body – Fat-soluble toxins and poisons from our environment may accumulate in our tissues and smolder for decades. These toxic tissues become chronically inflamed. Fatty tissues in our body such as our brain, liver and reproductive systems accumulate toxins and become the target for inflammation and disease.
  • Deficiencies in elements critical for life – Many people are deficient in oxygen though there is an abundance of air surrounding them. Oxygen deficiency causes acidic tissues; an acid body foments disease. Deficiencies in air, water, sunlight, sleep and nutrients are the most common causes of chronic inflammation.
  • The immune-suppressing scourge of emotional distress – Sustained emotional distress is a trigger for chronic inflammation. Actually, stress is also a known trigger for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Obesity causes more emotional distress and more chronic inflammation.

Your anti-inflammatory plan

We are made with the ability to respond to trauma, toxins, deficiency and stress with inflammation. Therefore, inflammation is not the enemy; however, runaway inflammation is definitely our enemy! Stop the domino effect of runaway inflammation before it starts by learning and living the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness.

  • The simple act of breathing deeply can help reduce the impact of stress on your body. Oxygen also encourages an alkaline body; alkaline tissues are resistant to chronic illness.
  • Sleeping peacefully can also help reduce the impact of stress.
  • Exercise can ease the imbalance created by injury or trauma. Exercise may also make you less prone to future injury.
  • Reduce basic nutrient deficiencies by eating the appropriate servings of fruits and vegetables daily:
    • 5 servings for children
    • 7 servings for women
    • 9 servings for men

Further “fill in the gaps” of nutrient deficiency by taking the Healthy Foundation program.

  • Help reduce the effects of many internal and external toxins with Nopalea™.

A word about inflammation and disease
Once runaway inflammation is triggered, it follows an amazingly intricate course leading to catastrophe. Many of the disease processes are known to medical science, but many are not. One thing we know: stop runaway inflammation and health will improve! So, no matter what the “condition” is that is causing distress, reducing excess inflammation can help improve the way we feel.

According to many resources, inflammation is the one condition that lies at the root of your troublesome allergies, asthma, heart disease, and many types of cancer. It may be true what Hippocrates said, that “all disease is one.” I just wonder if he was talking about inflammation?

If inflammation is the problem you may want to contact your doctor or health professional to find out your best options.

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