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I have been researching and writing articles about omega-3 essential fatty acids for some time now. Why? Because I have high cholesterol, and I wanted to find out if I could control it naturally by supplementing my diet with omega-3, and eating more foods high in essential fatty acids.

I was amazed at the information I found regarding omega-3 fatty acids, and their effects, not only on decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing god cholesterol, but also on fighting inflammation and improving heart health. It is no surprise that I have continued taking a daily supplement of omega-3 ever since.

Since we have a lot of fat (good and bad) in our bodies, we need to do something to make the good fat more effective. But, instead of me trying to explain the science behind good and bad fats, I’d rather have the Chief Science Officer of TriVita, Brazos Minshew, do the explaining. Below is his latest article from the TriVita Weekly Wellness Report

Good Fats, Bad Fats and OmegaPrime®

Almost every cell making up your body is surrounded by fat. Fats are very smart molecules. Good fats make your brain healthy, they make your heart healthy; they reduce inflammation and improve circulation. They improve your immune system and reduce pain.

Trans-fats are examples of “bad” fats. They have just the opposite effect of good fats: they make your brain, heart and immune system unhealthy. They increase pain and they are a toxic cause of inflammation.

Good fats are essential for life and good health.

The story of good fats
Our immune system relies on Vitamin D and fats. When we are exposed to infections, a “picture” of the invading microbe is encoded in immune cells and recorded in fat for long-term memory. This is the reason why we have lifelong resistance or immunity to certain infections once we have the illness (like chicken pox).

There is a family of conditions where the immune system works too hard. These disorders are called autoimmune conditions because a person’s own immune system loses the ability to distinguish “self” from “non-self.” In autoimmune conditions your own immune system attacks healthy tissue as if it were diseased! Every gland, organ and joint becomes a target of your immune system.

Essential fatty acids make your immune system work smarter, not harder. They code immune system proteins to precisely identify every cell and to determine an appropriate response.

Omega Prime contains essential fatty acids (EFA) from four sources:

  • Omega-3: Fish oil
    A key ingredient is fish oil. Omega-3 from fish oil is healthy for your body and it shows a special affinity for your heart and brain. Fish oil contains fully metabolized Omega-3 and is thus absorbed very quickly.
  • Omega-3: Flaxseed oil
    Flaxseed oil is a vegetarian source of Omega-3. It is not fully broken down as fish oil is. Instead, it must be slowly metabolized over several hours. Think of fish oil as “fast-acting” and flaxseed oil as “sustained release.”
  • Omega-3 & Omega-6: Perilla Seed oil
    Humans cannot synthesize essential fatty acids: Omega-3 ALA (alpha linolenic acid) and Omega-6 LA (linoleic acid). We must get them from our diet and that is why they are called “essential.” Perilla seeds contain a balance of Omega-3 ALA and Omega-6 LA.There are nearly 500 articles in the Institutes of Health database on perilla. Scientists from all over the world are studying the oil of this amazing anti-inflammatory seed. Over 80 of these papers detail its use with the specific genes associated with various cancers. Over 50 articles discuss the anti-inflammatory benefits of perilla seed oil concerning allergy, asthma and other immune and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Omega-6: Evening Primrose oil
    Evening Primrose oil (EPO) is a primary source of LA (linoleic acid) in TriVita’s Omega Prime. LA goes through a long process of metabolism that results in intense anti-inflammatory activity. For example, LA helps reduce the inflammation associated with dermatitis. EPO promotes breast health and helps reduce breast pain. It also promotes cardiovascular health.  Evening Primrose oil is an excellent source of LA, and TriVita’s Omega Prime is an excellent source of EPO.

Essential Fatty acids are ESSENTIAL to Wellness! We cannot make them; we must get them from our diet. The healthier our fat intake is, the healthier our body will become. People in North America are woefully deficient in healthy Omega EFAs. Eat healthy fats and reject unhealthy fats like trans-fats for a healthy heart, brain and immune system.

Since EFAs are necessary to keep our bodies healthy, we need to incorporate them into our diets. However, eating fish may be your best bet. The purest choice fish includes canned sardines or mackerel, wild Alaskan salmon and sablefish, and small, troll-caught tuna.

If you’re not a fish eater, Omega Prime is a supplement that gives you the needed omega-3 fatty acid to maintain a healthy omega-3 balance.

Omega Prime contains a premier and unique blend of four different types of the most highly regarded Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) oils – Fish, Flaxseed, Evening Primrose and Perilla Seed. It also uses only contaminant-free fish oil that has undergone a 10 stage distilling process.

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