Chronic Hunger and Weight Loss


Millions of people worldwide look to diet and/or lose weight every year. However, on the flip side there are millions of men, women, and children suffering from a lack of food, or starvation. How is it that people can spend thousands of dollars on weight loss programs, to lose the unwanted pounds, all the while these people are literally starving to death?

My friends at the Help End Hunger Now Foundation, in their weekly hunger report, explains chronic hunger and the affects it has on the masses that are suffering from it throughout the world. The Help End Hunger Foundation is an organization founded on the principles of ending this chronic hunger crisis, while at the same time, promoting healthier and more nutritious eating habits.

Below is the complete article explaining what many people are facing and serious facts about chronic hunger. If you’re looking to lose weight or looking for a weight loss program, because of your bad eating habits, I pray that you will take to heart the information in the article, and take action to not only help yourself, but to help the many people that need help now.

Chronic Hunger by The Help End Hunger Now Foundation

What Causes Chronic Hunger?

You may be surprised to learn that it has little to do with food shortages. Global supplies of food far outstrip demand. Chronic hunger affects more than 800 million people in the world and it is, in and of itself, a potentially deadly condition.

The Effects of Chronic Hunger

Chronic hunger — or food insecurity — is as devastating to families, communities, and countries as is famine. Chronic hunger claims more victims than famine each year — by far.

Effects of chronic hunger include:

High Infant-Mortality Rates. Malnourished women are more likely to be sick, have smaller babies, and die earlier, resulting in high levels of infant mortality in areas where chronic hunger is a problem. And where infant and child mortality is high, birth rates are also high, locking these communities in a vicious cycle of malnutrition and death. Vulnerability to Common Illnesses. More than two million children die every year from dehydration caused by diarrhea. A malnourished child often lacks the strength to survive a severe case of diarrhea.

Increased Risk of Infection.

A malnourished child has a weakened immune system, making the child more vulnerable to infection. Infections cause lack of appetite and further compromise the child’s ability to fight off recurrent and lingering infections. Impediments to Development. Chronic hunger deprives children of the essential proteins, micronutrients and fatty acids they need to grow adequately. Globally, it is estimated that nearly 226 million children are stunted — shorter than they should be. In addition, stunted children score significantly lower on intelligence tests than do normal children.

Impediments to Economic Growth.

For the nearly 67 million children who weigh less than they should due to chronic hunger, completing school is an unlikely reality. Studies have shown that underweight children will probably spend fewer years in school, which, in turn, has a measurable impact on how much they earn in adulthood. ***END of ARTICLE***

Some reports state that there are approximately 50 million Americans who go on a diets each year – yet only 5 percent keep the weight off that they lost. Many people trying to lose weight continually struggle to find an effective weight loss method, yet millions of people are starving to death. Why? Awareness!

I would have to believe that most people do not know what’s happening around the world, let alone in their own neighborhood. And I believe it all starts with awareness. Being aware of the problems facing, not only, our neighborhood and/or nation, but other countries around the world is the first step towards ending the world hunger problem, not to mention obesity.

If you’re looking to lose weight, or looking for a weight loss program click here. Chronic hunger and weight loss go hand in hand when you have organizations like the Help End Hunger Foundation and TriVita® working to stop the world hunger issues, while helping people lose weight. If you’d like to help end hunger around the world, and lose weight at the same time, contact TriVita® or the Help End Hunger Now Foundation.

I hope this article has increased awareness within your heart as to the challenges of the world. If it has, I now challenge you to take action, and do something about it. Remember, awareness has to precede action; once we are aware of the problem, we can then take action. I hope you accept this challenge, so we can End Hunger Now!

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