Food Prices on the Rise


Is it just me, or are food prices on the rise, and getting a little out of hand? How about you, have you noticed any increase in the cost of food lately?

In an effort to get a handle on this, I decided to do a little research. However, I must admit, this wasn’t something I thought about too much until I saw my friend’s emergency foods web site. I have seen prices go up little by little, but I never actually realized how much those small increments can add up. Have you?

I’ve been seeing, and reading, more and more articles (maybe I’m just a little more attentive now) about food prices. I mentioned one yesterday by the World Bank that said the prices are at “dangerous levels.” Today, I read an article posted on titled, Experts: No Limit for Soaring Food Prices.

According to that article, “Food prices rose 3.9 percent last month, the most since November 1974. Most of the increase was because harsh winter freezes in Florida, Texas and other Southern states, which damaged crops.”[1] This past winter is just another unforeseen disaster, like tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes that can cause the price of food to rise. It’s also the reason why we should have an emergency food supply.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have enough food in your house to last more than a week. What’s in your pantry and cupboards? Do you have enough food to feed your family if a disaster hits, or if you loose your job? What if the food prices get too high and you can’t afford quality nutritious food, what will you do?

Back in November 2010, Glenn Beck, while talking about the U.S. economic problems, said “food prices will rise 700% to 1000% or more in 2011.”[2] Is that the truth? Are we headed in that direction? Well, all you have to do is visit your local supermarket to see how much prices have gone up since last November. If you don’t remember what the cost of milk was back then, how about last month?

Whether you believe what Mr. Beck says or not, we are headed in the wrong direction when it comes to food prices, gasoline prices, and the unemployment rate. When unemployment hits, or gas prices get too high, you can still survive. But how long can you survive without food? I submit to you that food is the most important commodity you need. How’s your emergency food supply?

I’ve been to the store, and I’ve seen the prices go up. I believe we are headed for some tough time in the next few years. I believe that people will be begging for food. And I believe the store shelves will start to become less populated.

I’m not a prophet, or nay-sayer. However, to do believe what I was taught when I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America, and that would be the scout motto, “Be Prepared.” We cannot predict what lies ahead, but we can be prepared. Preparedness can even start with watching and tracking food prices. I believe that you will see a significant change, and maybe it will be that change that will get you to take action.

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